A sensible doctor

Today, the weather in gurgaon is SOOO chilly. My DD throwed up so much that, we wanted to take her to a pediatrician on SUNDAY EVENING. All the big hospitals I called up wanted me to come for emergency, n werent sure that doctor will attend ASAP. An idea flashed, n I called JUSTDIAL (08888888888) n asked for pediatricians in gurgaon who would see the patients on Sunday evening. I got the doc’s number n finished up my visit. Quite impressed. She doesnt see patients on sundays, but called me because she thought that people only call in if there is any urgent problem.Below are the details:

Dr sunita
C 61
Sushant lok
Ph: +919811163430

While coming back, the auto guy took us to 6 medical halls to make sure we get the medicine. Thoughts today:

No matter how big (doctor) are you paid OR how small (auto guy) – it really depends only on YOU whether you wanna go the extra mile.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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