Run update…

Yesterday, I completed by 2nd run successfully, with the c25k app.  I read somewhere, that comfortable running means able to hold a conversation while running. Just to test that out, I called up my mother during my run, and I did pretty well – able to talk for the entire 1/2 hour.  But the c25k app is not so smart – If I am on phone, it doesn’t alert me.. that my walking time is up and i should start running. It troubled me a bit to keep looking at the phone. Let me see, if the customer support has any solution to this. Time to start my 3rd week now… 🙂

Yesterday, we all went out, and I happened to see a cake, that was in the shape of basket. The most creative cake I’ve ever seen.. I so desperately wanted to click the pic, but my DD was holding on to me.. next time..

What is smart shopping? Yesterday, we purchased worth RS.2000 and got a gift voucher for RS. 500 at Pantaloons free. The shopping for 2000 was over in 5 minutes, but the shopping for 500 voucher took us almost 1/2 hour. All through the time, I was nagging to my DH, how our shopping is still not so smart – because the clothes we bought the before week were very expensive, and I could get more variety with less price in the shop now. But, I am not sure if I was thinking correctly. Because, by vetting through the clothes, I could tell that the expensive ones had more quality and fashion designs. It is also true that, pantaloons had more variety at affordable prices. While I can always justify, saying that i have less time to shop with DD, and i am new to the place, I want to give more thought on what is smart shopping and less-guilty shopping?  Let’s see if i can define them, before I leave gurgaon…

Is correcting people more important or retaining your sanity? From my experience, unless your target is 1-year old, please consider retaining your sanity, atleast you are helping yourself, if not others.

Sunday is a relaxing day, and making my most of it.







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