My new running playlist n other things

With little strain, I got the runners hip hop playlist from the fabulous site Just got them loaded on my iPhone. I hope, with this I can run a bit more energetic, n at the same time start listening to international music.

A weird thought came to my mind when I was just about to go home from work today – what if I die tomorrow? What will I do today? I thought I would immediately know what I want to do today. Instead, surprisingly I went into a state of deep relaxation n peacefulness with no want on anything. My daughter kept playing and I just sat watching her. The feeling is gone, n now I am back to my usual self.

I’m a regular reader of – written by Leo. He advises us to do one habit change at a time. The first one I picked up now is running. Once I am able to run for 30 mins for a month, the habit is in place. Till then, I’m gonna try not to criticize myself for everything I m and I am not responsible for.

Good night.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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