Run Fat Lady Run

Theoritically, i have always wanted to look fab, and stay slim and fit. But, in reality, i was far from that – no I don’t mean I am ugly but i wasn’t what i always dreamed of being. After much much contemplation, I thought of the most expensive idea possible : Hire a personal trainer who’s gonna have a magic wand to make me slim. But, as with other ideas this one didn’t even make through my first round of conversations with my less-worded, more-practical husband. Instead i got another free advise – “Why don’t you go down the apartment and walk instead?”. That was it. I started to imagine all my singaporean colleagues who would keep running and all the sweating strangers i saw on the roads. I was immediately inspired to become a runner. Why not, running is one of the fastest ways to lose weight as well. After looking up the net, settled down for couch25k plan by
I went to the extent of downloading their app on my iphone as well…

Currently into week 2, with 1:30 mins of running and 2 mins of walking. Keep wondering, is it me who is going to run for 30 minutes in 9 months? My inner self critique says – obviously no, as always you are going to quit midway – but my iphone notes has a long list of reasons to motivate me for running which i’m gonna lookup if am not going downstairs for workout.

Running energises me, and keeps me fresh. Today is my 2nd workout for 2nd week, let’s see how it goes. I’ll keep this blog updated…


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