2011 Reflections

The office day is about to end in a couple of hours and this year is about to end in couple of days. As I wrote just now in my FB post, “Good, better, best ,bad ,worse or worst, this year is for the strongest memory”. I cannot make up my mind as I had the 2nd worst situation in my life for couple of months this year. But, how that memory was negated by the overcrowding positive things in my life – only the master can answer.

My next year is going to be in Sydney. With no clue on the culture and life style there, I’m only hoping for more positive memories to cherish.  I like to contradict myself saying that, no matter where you go and stay – you’ll experience only what you feel within, and this is constant until an urge & need to change yourself arises.  With this point in view, I have made few resolutions for 2012, in no order of importance :

1. To run everyday for 30 minutes.

2. To record every single paisa that comes in and goes out.

3.  To eat fruits 3 times a week

4. To read 5 books

5. To record every situation where I am upset and cried

Lot more ideas floating to my mind, but my main goals are to be FIT – physically , mentally and financially. Good bye 2011!!!!


Agra – Mathura – Vrindavan Trip

This weekend, we went for Agra , Mathura and vrindavan trip. It’s 5 hour drive from our home in gurgaon. The driver arranged by Ms. Mallika,  www.uniqueindiatour.com was good, except his continuous chewing of gutka, and irritatingly stopping the car to spit out. But, when you have company from our house to the driver, there is nothing to complain of. I have nothing against people who chew gutkha, but – please spare us by keeping your mouth shut. It will save my stomach from futher discomfort.

Ok, I think i cribbed enough. What to do, this is my solace point to crib on things that cannot be shouted aloud….

Coming back to our wonderful trip, We first went to Agra, and stayed at Royal Residency. Neat, and good. Pretty liked the place. the next day free breakfast was also filling with poori, poha and other western stuff too.  The TajMahal is very near, and we visited it late in the afternoon. Wow, what a breathtaking beauty!!! I could only stand in awe and look at the grandeur and its magificience. One tip though – go with a guide. If you are lucky, you’ll get a good one – we got a goverment guide for Rs. 475. When I looked at him in suspicion – he asked us to give the money only if we are satisfied. True to his word, he took some great shots, and showed us lot of things other usual travellers didn’t see.  I didn’t climb the taj – to roam around the duplicate coffins  – somehow thought that it’s not needed.  Taj – there is nothing to describe here – If you have the money and time — do pay a visit, and keep the image stable in one corner of your heart…

After that, we went to the famously disappointing “sound and light show” at agra fort. Sitting there out, and freezing my young one – all I could see is darkness, with lights on and off and a famous poet’s commentary behind. Needless to say, I came out in 10 minutes. come on, I studied all the moghul history for years, wasting my  childhood.. Avoid..!!!

Next day morning,we visited the Agra fort, and had a loooong walk – the fort never ends ! From the fort, we could see Taj in dense fog, and it was a great shot as well. Visit the fort with comfortable shoes, and  ready to walk and explore the moghul grandeur.. Worth the visit..

Our empty stomachs were filled by Indiana restaurant and Udipi. I would rate Indiana restaurant a 0.5 / 5 , mainly because of the worst customer support, followed by uneatable food, followed by exorbiant bill. Udipi – 3.5/5, for good customer support, above average tasting south indian food, and bearable bill. Best part was, they even prepared dinner for my little one, on our request !! 🙂

Next destination was Mathura, where Lord  Sri Krishna was born. We missed the main temple – it was closed. Got to seee Sri Krishna Janma Sthali, and few other exhibits. An overwhelming lot of emotions in display on my face. The architecture was also something to see and appreciate. Like Taj, this biggest temple in North india was a beauty in its own. We got an old guide, who was good enough to recite some verses of Srimad bhagavadgita and make us more happy.

The final stop was Vrindavan – Sri Ranganath temple. The guide, a young chap explained meticulously on the history, and guided us through the temple and outside. One thing that remained in my mind is : Asking us to clap and smile, as we pray to god. The reason is, Lord Sri krishna spent his childhood at Vrindavan and no body should ever be sad. The temple  darshan was great. Although other famous temples were in the itinerary, my mother in law’s health  didn’t permit and we drove back to gurgaon.

Mathura, Vrindavan and Agra are in sharp contrast to my expectations – that of decent homes and good facilities. Just outside world famous monuments and historical places, you will fall short counting the number of slums surrounding it. It’s high time Ms. Mayawati, the honorary chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, atleast try to think about these things.

My end of journey was rather mixed – I felt so great watching Taj, Agra fort and Lord Sri Krishna’s abode – but also felt very heavy in heart looking at so many poor and unnourished children and families.






To lead or not to lead?

One of the guys who report to me today, messed up the work n was soooo unapologetic about it. Even when I try to make him realize. Is that a separate breed of people OR I should still learn the tricks of trade??

Sometimes, you feel so close to the people in your life – sometimes I am forced to think, whether I am even in their thoughts once a week. It gives great solace to acknowledge the facts and move on, rather than fret over things other people don’t even know existed in my thoughts.

Bad heater experience. Still long way to go in heater shopping. Despite our brains telling us to go for a branded one, we paid more value to our colleague – Delhi resident’s useless advise n brought a local one. That got spoiled in 2 days, n we are back to agreeing with ourselves painfully , went and bought a brand new branded heater. I just pray that my little one gets over this horrible cold.

I think, dhanush’s kolaveri di is a HIT, hear me screaming. Why not dhanush’s, when my 16 mth daughter can recognize this song, dance on the tune n can blackmail us to play the song repeatedly for her. I’m not oblivious like the other people – the music director deserves full round of applause too. Great job guys.

Five short years…

Time flies. Generally, I would tell myself on such occasions – ” I can’t believe it’s 5 years. Time just disappeared ??!!”. However, I beg to differ with myself on this special day, where we completed 5 years of marriage. I know completely, how time passed between us, and how we formed our memories – some good and some not so good, and how we enjoyed staying with each other. This occasion is a special one – one that proves that my most important choice in life proved right, and all the people who blessed me with their heart – had their blessing come true.

I think, life is not only about celebrating the special occasions, but to live each moment in between each celebration. The journey is as important as the destination.

startup reviews

After browsing through a whole bunch of inactive sites, I settled down for http://www.killerstartups.com. Awesome site, neat and brief descriptions. Most importantly, the site gets updated daily with 10 startup reviews. Great job guys:) You have got a regular here!!

Another awesome website is http://www.yourstory.in. The staff is really superb and do great interviews.

On the flip side, given my high levels of curiosity in start ups, I am yet to find one which will make me shout “wow, look at this cool start up. I wanna do something like this”. May be, I still don’t understand the business value of those amazing start ups yet. Long way to go.

I saw http://www.vworker.com today, n found the concept simple and theoretically to be working. Planning to try a writing job and see.

A sensible doctor

Today, the weather in gurgaon is SOOO chilly. My DD throwed up so much that, we wanted to take her to a pediatrician on SUNDAY EVENING. All the big hospitals I called up wanted me to come for emergency, n werent sure that doctor will attend ASAP. An idea flashed, n I called JUSTDIAL (08888888888) n asked for pediatricians in gurgaon who would see the patients on Sunday evening. I got the doc’s number n finished up my visit. Quite impressed. She doesnt see patients on sundays, but called me because she thought that people only call in if there is any urgent problem.Below are the details:

Dr sunita
C 61
Sushant lok
Ph: +919811163430

While coming back, the auto guy took us to 6 medical halls to make sure we get the medicine. Thoughts today:

No matter how big (doctor) are you paid OR how small (auto guy) – it really depends only on YOU whether you wanna go the extra mile.