Ah, blog!!

Ah, see who’s writing. For me, who has written tons of dairies since childhood and burned them away because I couldn’t carry them with me, For me who has written first 2 pages of every diary at home – certainly easy to come up with my first post. What I am thinking more now is on how much is the lifetime of this blog. If this blog were a person, may be I could feed it whole day to keep it alive. How to keep my brain with so many good and not so good thoughts that this blog remains alive? With no “gyan” or preachings to do for my fellow human beings, I am not sure what should I keep writing. My main purpose of starting this is to think something good, write about it and feel even better.LOL. It’s 12:30 at nite n I should be sleeping now.

Promise myself that I will come back tomorrow n write something. C’yaa.