#ArtnCraft1 : Never Ending Card


Hiya fellas!  This is something I do regularly with my kids – creating some random things found on Youtube! I thought its good to keep recording. As I come home at 7 today,  Saanvi has a demand – GREETING CARD!  I was tired and in no mood to make it. We bargained for a fast dinner she eat by herself. And this was one of the fastest dinners to date – 20 mins! 😀

So, here we go –


Incredibly easy and fun to make. We took 20 minutes to complete it end to end. I sticked up on the wrong side for the first time, but got right the second. At the end, I realized I enjoyed the activity more than her!!

Stay tuned for more!

#MovieReview1: The Revolutionary Road

A friend suggested this movie as a reason to me, when I asked why he was depressed on a particular day. I was going on Hyderabad trip, and downloaded this movie on Amazon Prime.  Watched it over two sessions and spent some time thinking about it.

Starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, its about a middle aged couple with kids.  Plot unfolds as with other movies – boring job, comfortable life and school going kids.  Settled routine, and frequent fights. The lady decides to go behind her husband’s dreams – to move to Paris from Revolutionary Road, where they stay.

Al hunky dory for a while, until husband gives up on dreams to settle a little more, and to handle the unexpected pregnancy. And the wife cannot! The burden of seeing a dream and watch it crumble under societal pressures – is unbearable to watch. How a person getting treated for mental disorder can get what perfectly normal people like us cannot is a subtle and hard hitting theme in the story. Kids are shown wherever required, and the very fact where Kate Winslet feels their kid is a mistake – shows how unintentional things come out of one’s mouth in desperation to make their case!

In the end the father remains with the kids, and vacates their pretty house on Revolutionary Road. I was at mom’s and had nothing better to do. Mused over the movie, and one question I have no answer to –

Should you succumb to your routine and stop seeing dreams?  Are you not allowed to have dreams that have no definitive success but will make you alive again?

Watch this for Kate and Leo’s amazing performances – raw, real and restrained.



#Shortfilm1 : The School Bag

While I watch a lot of short films, have never chronicled and recorded my thoughts around that.  Starting with this critically acclaimed short, that got lot of fame in the recent past.



15 minutes long. Mother and son.  Close up shots and genuine emotions on the face.  While I do not want to spoil the fun by revealing what it is – the director has taken a real life incident and narrated it on a personal level. Terrorism kills – even at home.

Watch it.

Awesomesaras rating:  5/5

Breakfast Ideas

I spend good amount of time searching for easy and healthy breakfast options for family. Often not repeating once in a fortnight – its quite a task. I just thought it’s a good idea to record everything at one place – for me to revisit my family’s favorite breakfasts, and you know – for you, just in case you are searching, just like me! 🙂

This will be a living document – to record all the hardwork I do 😀

  1. Ragi chilla    http://tingleyourtastebuds.in/recipes/breakfast/ragi-chilla    3/5
  2. Dal Vada Recipe http://indianhealthyrecipes.com/mixed-dal-vada-recipe   5/5
  3.  Veg Hakka Noodles http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/vegetable-hakka-noodles-recipe/   5/5

Maaya : Web Series Review


Vikram Bhatt has ventured into Web Series, and below –

Maaya – Slave Of Her Desires


Maaya, a brand new web series is an erotic love story set in the world of BDSM. Starring Shama Sikander, Vipul Gupta and Veer Aryan, Maaya is filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s first web series directorial.

It’s set in the world of BDSM. ( Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission). A Lady who is a sub by nature. Husband has no fetish for BDSM and the lady doesn’t reveal.  Being shunned twice – she decides to put it in back burner. Until she learns of this website skin dot com where people play the fantasies live.  From there, starts the drama.

Well written. Acting of the lead lady actor over the top – but the two guys : Husband, and The Dom Guy is top notch. My heart sank when I saw the suffering husband underwent in the entire series.  Crime element actually upped the series – otherwise would have made it soft porn.

It’s hard but share. Your secret fantasies first with your husband.  Anything else – is a perfect recipe for DISASTER.

I could not justify the lead lady actor’s role – even after a week of mulling over it.

If 50 Shades of Grey makes you puke, just stay away. Otherwise, neatly done. Give a watch in entirety when you have good 4 hours to waste away.

Rating – 3/5


Reviving the blog

Ah blog.  My abandoned kiddo.

Offlate, the things I read. The stuff I watched.  I need to pen my thoughts some where.

Before they eat me up.

So, I’ve come back to my favorite place in the world –  My little personal blog.

You’ll now see me writing regularly – stuff you might not find useful, but nevertheless interesting reads.

Have fun!

Humurously Yours : Web Series Review

My long lasting wish this year is to develop a web/ mobile application that will tell me about upcoming web series in all languages, let me follow the companies producing them and provide more space for these actors/ directors in digital.

TVF Play is one of my favorite hangouts because of the variety of their content. TVF Tripling I binge watched after it was done. This is the first time I’ve followed the web series to get updates to watch it everyweek.

You can watch it for free here –


My rating –  4/5

What worked?

Endearing personality of Vipul Goyal as a struggling standup comedian, husband to a strong female and someone who cannot handle fame as it comes.

Cameos by Famous Standup comedians such as Kanan, Kenny and Tanmay. It makes the whole web series so real. You wouldnt look at a standup comedian to live in isolation.

Relatability to life in general. The effort Vipul & Life make to get a parking spot. The trip they both make that make to Goa.  Big Learnings in small events, every day events.

What didn’t work?

Length of the webseries. I would expect little more twists and drama. It’s more a combinations of stuff than precisely focused on standup comedy.

Vipul – man, you rock!!!  Looking forward for the next series. Hopefully by the time my app will be in beta too.