The Cost of Convenience

I sometimes briefly touch upon this topic in my blog to stress how my life is changed by the things I opt and I don’t.  My last topic on this was having a cook at home and getting used to her tastes, while being not sure of where the extra time was going away.

This time, I am back with another pet peeve – albiet a bit big.  Kid’s badminton academy is shifting far.  She trains thrice a week and its 300 metres  from home. All was well so far. And it’s  shifting to a place that takes atleast 1 hour by  commute to go and come.

We had an urgent parents meeting,  and I found myself there among the 3 parents who attended from the entire parents gang of the academy!  The resident coaches said Big Basket was taking over for the Warehouse and Academy would move. A smile crossed my mind.  And a faint memory of  a story where a group of people from all religions travel and finally who doesn’t raise  his hand to save any religion gets killed, only last.  I did not ask any questions.  Just sat there for a while, contemplating where we are going.

I read The Ken and they had a fantastic article about Big Basket a while ago on how it’s  betting really big on subscription services via BB Daily.  Read it, ignore it.  Then not long – I saw a kiosk by BB Daily guys in the apartment. Their deals were tooo good to ignore and no minimum order for a subscription on any given day. Check the night before, and viola – it’s delivered to your door step the next day between 5 and 7:30 am.  Was I thrilled? Not really, because I tend to go out everyday for one reason or the other and  I was really fine not getting delivered anything last minute.  Yes, once or twice I ordered stuff only to use up the balance sitting in the wallet.  But, I see bbdaily baskets all through the apartment and can make a guess that atleast 10-15 homes might be ordering from him everyday morning. So,  ofcourse he needs a warehouse closer. What better than a spacious badminton academy in the middle of hustle and bustle?  It’s stone’s throw away from Bhartiya City, Sobha City, Vajram, R R and many more upcoming high rise apartments. Who’s paying the cost?  May be not the guys ordering stuff home – but kids who now have to travel far for the same training at the same academy.

There is no such thing as free lunch.

Just that, the question is who is paying the price?  If not one way, other way – every one of us must pay the price for the  conveniences we think we need.



Baking : Whole Wheat Orange Muffins

So, after a long and horrible February, I was in mood to bake something good for the kids and  myself.  No, I don’t hog on bakery food. But, the sheer joy of putting batter and see it raise gives  me adrenaline rush and lot of satisfaction.  So, I picked up a recipe from one of my most trusted culinary sources on the Internet and got this  eggless recipe.

Rating – 9/10

Total time I took to make –  30 minutes end to end.

Verdict of  the taste – Yummy, but the orange flavor was  dominated by the  whole wheat flavour. So, next time – 1/3 cup of more orange juice to be added  while making them.


In fact, my apartment friend dropped by with her kid to have each of these  as  soon as the whatsapp status went out! 🙂

Here’s the recipe link.  Make it when you have oranges handy at home – atleast 4 big.

Have a  good day and keep rocking!

Love, Lust and Confusion : Web Series Review

So, there is a Galaxy App on the S8 which is a world of it’s own.  It prompts me some really cool stuff to watch and do – across spectrums.  The other day, it recommended me to watch this and I downloaded viu and lost my 2 days of sleep to finish this off.


So, after catching up a rare afternoon sleep which surprised my family and got me back into the day, here I am reviewing the web series.  What did I like?  Almost nothing. What did I not like? Almost everything.

To start with, the leading lady has a journal of people whom she wanna share her nights with, before starting her journey as the wife of a man she has known ever since she was small. Why can’t she just do that before getting engaged? What’s the fun in flirting after being engaged to such a nice and  focused guy. In the lead lady’s words – a perfect package!

All the characters are disoriented and  there is not a single likeable personality in the entire show.  Don’t get me wrong – the actors did what they are exactly asked to do – Tara Alisha Berry, Robbie,  Molly,  Stereotyped parents, Nikita, Rajat and the gang.  I’ve been a fan of Rajat after Little Things, but this one i felt he was replaying his role of a dumb guy who just falls and has no clue of things happening around him.   I pity the star cast to pick this as the launch pad and part of their professional journey.

A music band taking in a bathroom singer, a perfectly normal conversation steered as male chauvinistic, and the compulsive sad ending at the end –  How I hated most of the stuff happenning in front of me!!

4 Shots Please was much more real throughout, although the end was disappointing. I’d now rather close all OTT Apps and just wait for Game of Thrones Final Season streaming next month!!

Rating – 2/10

Feb 2019 : Habits Review

I was wondering if I should even do this post. Because it doesn’t make any sense to write about something that wasn’t done at all. So,  Feb 2019 was one of the worst months of my life.  It all started with the missing monthly which further led to frantic introspections of previous month, few kit tests and finally a gnyec visit. She calmly put me on Medicines for couple of days and then insisted I just wait. Meanwhile, why don’t I repeat TSH and Heamoglobin. She was sure they both were playing a havoc on my system.  I promptly got it done only to see that TSH has increased and Haemoglobin showed drastic decrease to 8, in a span of 2 months.

That followed a visit to a endocrinologist, who was a sleepy young guy in Aster. He looked at all previous reports, and finally wrote a follow-up Iron & B12 test. I got them down and showed absymally low levels in Iron.  Further follow-up at Aster and for the first time in my life – I was advised to take Iron Injection for faster recovery. Doctor asked me how I was doing my daily chores.  Its just so ridiculous!  Thyroid medication is increased now, and ate a choclate cake sitting at Asters.  The feeling of depression was so strong, I

What followed next is an hour at Regal, as you need to administer Iron Injection via Saline.  Why on earth am I writing these in the habits review? Because, every single habit of mine has gone out of the window.  Every single day of this month has been extraordinarily stressful.  Every single day I wished that it was normal, and it wasn’t.

The  medicines finally worked and I saw red. But, the  body took revenge and I needed great strength to wade through the days. Sigh. A very big one!

While I am not proud of not tracking the  habits in February, I am more than willing to excuse myself  for  not being able to do or track any!

I still plan to prune the Habits and keep to bare minimum and see how it goes.

Have a good  day and keep rocking!


Stuff I Love : tiktok app

I uninstalled it late in the day today as I write this  post.  If you want to witness human creativity in any form – regardless of gender, age and any parameter you can think of –  this is the place to go!

I joined it for fun, and tried to watch few videos.  It’s quite addictive and the people are oh so good! God knows how long it should take for them to create each, but this one’s closely linked to their insta handles and people take it very seriously!!!

If you have time to kill, instead of watching movies or web series –  tiktok is a better place to spend. Simply because, fresh faces and amazing content!  The content varies from songs, dances, dialogues and duets ( 2 users together doing one of the above mentioned).   found my time on the app increasing day on day. As the phone gets dangerously low on space, I have no option but to let this extremely-fun-and-timewasting app to go away!

Download it, follow few users and make a few tiktoks!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Antariksham Telugu Movie Review


Yesterday was one of the rare days where you get every thing done yet have lot of time on your hands. Even after an afternoon nap. We switched off all the lights in the hall and made theatre setting on the tv. Clicked Amazon Prime on the tv remote and streamed this movie. While all of this happened like a very ordinary thing to do, i was wondering how far wr have come from the tv we knew as they were.

Coming back to the movie, toooo many cinematic liberties. Not expected. Its all about a selfish astronaut who wants to prove he is right. It is very hard to relate yourseld with the main hero’s character. No depth and no emotions. Fellow lady astronaut is much better. She knews what she did and she knows what she was doing.

The space sequences were very good. I truly enjoyed watching them. The audience for this movie is 5 to 12 years. Show it to your kids and be ready to answer all their questions all the time the movie is playing.

Anyday, this is better than mindless movies that are thrown on us these days!!

Rating – 3/5

Jan 2019 : A Review of Habits

So, new year and new habits. There is nothing different. This year, I am going to make it  count by doing a monthly review of the habits and goals I set for myself, and keep pruning it until it makes sense and I am able to follow through.

First things first.  Couple of noteworthy things.  My weight didnt budge a bit, and I have ended up with sore legs because of zumba. Still, no hope. And My office work has been still suffering to an extent.  There are lot of adhoc activities I did and I did not respect the plan and routine I made for myself at all. This is the summary.

I made a list of habits and started tracking them from 10th of January. That makes it 22 days of tracking. Quick look at the habits and how I fared at them this month –

Sleep by 10 pm –  7 /22.  Longest streak – 3 days.

Eat dinner by 7 pm – 5 /22  Longest streak – 3 days

Coriander water early morning – 14/22  Longest streak –  6 days

Pranayama – 5 /22   Longest streak – 3 days

Meditation – 7/22  Longest streak – 4 days

Read 30 mins – 2/22   Longest streak – 1 day

Thyroid Asanas and Mudras – 2 /22  Longest streak – 1 day

Brush Teeth at night – 11/22  Longest streak –  4 days

Record expenses –  14/22  Longest streak –  8 days

Write 100 words – 12/22 Longest streak – 4 days

Wash face in the evening – 10/22 Longest streak – 3 days

Eat 2 eggs  –   0 /22

Track food – 15/22  Longest streak – 8 days

Get sun for 15 mts – 8/22  Longest streak – 3 days

Weekly Habits –

Read Ken Articles – 0 /3

Listen MoneyControl Podcast –  0 / 3

Skin routine – 2/ 3

Hair Routine – 1/ 3

Which gives? I’ve been at my best at recording expenses, and recording diet. Although I know on the diet part – I have not been particular at all and have eaten a lot of stuff that I should not have eaten at the time I should not have eaten.  Lack of discipline is appaling.

Couple of major hits this month –

  1. Cleaning of the entire house and buying new stuff  for kitchen.  It took really heavy toll on me to declutter the whole house and throw the 12 year old plastic dabbas that we still use every single day. So hygenic, I know!!  Decluttered kitchen, bedrooms, kids racks and living space.  Throwed away atleast 4 big bags of garbage.  This has a direct impact on my mental well being – I no longer feel the racks are screaming at me to clean them all the time.
  2. Watched Web series “four Shots please” and couple of movies I wanted to catch up on.  Read two books – each in one stretch. Again very very creatively satisfying initiatives for myself.
  3. As In laws went out of town, spent a considerable amount of time packing house in the evenings and morning, arranging bowls and cleaning the greens/ veggies that come home. Clothes drying and folding. Little things, but they quite add up. Now I can confidently say these things don’t scare me anymore and I have kind of mastered to do them mindlessly. This is quite a big achievement for me.
  4. Time spent with mobile.  Not a lot of improvement, but as a rule now I am able to stay without touching the phone when kids are around. Even otherwise, the urge to check the phone every few minutes has gone. I found myself searching for phone quite few times this month, which is a welcome change for me where phone was like an extension for left hand, checking for messages or thinking about them.  Extremely painful and riddled with lot of memories,  few things I did on impulse which give me the much needed brain space to process other things in life.

Couple of misses this month –

  1. Mindless eating –  I have not followed any rules regarding the food I eat and what I eat.  Easy 250 -300 gms of saunf and a kg of sweets/ junk has gone into the tummy. Alternately, I have binge snacked after 10- 11 pm and have made no effort to replace it with any kind of healthy snacks.
  2. After a while, Have completely discarded by resolution to sleep at 10 pm and have gleefully sat with kindle or some online videos and slept after 2 or 3 pm.
  3. Irregularity in workout routine –  Work was an excuse not to go, and I got neither done. And ended up with sore legs and more weight than I was.
  4.  Anger Bouts –  This month I’ve had two or three anger bouts that lasted for quite few days; It was  almost impossible to pull myself up and get back to routine. None of the habits were strong enough to pull me up from the endless rock bottom I was staring yet.

Its already Feb 4th and I have decided to prune my list of habits to the doable ones and add a few and remove a few.

Stuff that’s gonnna remain –

  1. Coriander water
  2. Track expenses
  3. Track food
  4. Sleep by 10 pm
  5. Dinner by 7 pm
  6. Write 100 words
  7. Brush teeth at night
  8.  Meditation

Stuff that’s gonna be off for February –

  1. Pranayama
  2. Read 30 mins
  3. Thyroid Asanas and Mudras
  4. Wash face in the evening
  5. Eat 2 eggs

All the Weekly routines will be intact for the next month for more data.

Stuff that’s gonna be added to the tracker –

  1. Get up at 5 am ( This pretty much decides my day)
  2. 2 kms of walk everyday  ( To confirm that my legs will still work for rest of the day)

Macro Goals to achieve this month –

  1. Aadhaar Works
  2. House Enhancement works –  Carpentry, Masonry Works
  3. General Servicing –  Water Purifier
  4. Finish one book on Personal Investment and Make notes  / Investments
  5. Cook 3 dishes for the family
  6. Declutter and pack Toy Rack for the kids

Today I’m up at 5 and spent the next one hour doing review and planning february –  Way to go!!

This his how the new habit tracker looks like –


Let’s catch up again in first week of March to understand how I did in February. Have a good day and keep rocking!!