Snacks : Oats Chivda

This “easy peasy lemon squeezy” kids snack will need 15 minutes, oats,thin beaten rice,groundnuts, red chilli and salt and sugar. 

super quick and super tasty.


Web series review : Ragini MMS Returns

I got a notification about this from ALTBalaji app on my mobile. You should stop here if you are a regular thriller watcher, I am not fit to write reviews for your consumption. 

Okay, now that you are here – read on.

With 12 episodes each about 20 mins ling – the story is about haunted MMS College. The Principal reopens after 20 years and rents for a wedding just before that.

People see a CD and they die. The CD cant be destroyed. Now, its upto us to make sure no one dies and the ghost is gone.

Lead cast looks decent and have done what the director demanded of them. Clear logic violation in many cases makes you feel as if you got cheated on logic. I am thoroughly disappointed that they chose to go with ghosts-are-real concept than a human-behind-this. We are in 2018, atleast we can try and become better at story telling.

Ah, yes. This has been publicized as boldest web series. That is true – you feel like watching Ekta Kapoor home productions movies – bold;yes. Unnecessary – YES.

Overall, its a one time watch. Catch it on ALTBalaji.

KeetaVismaya 2018

I had a plan to take kids to chitra kala parishad yesterday. But, three things stopped me. One, saanvi’s on going stomach pain. Second, vihana’s nap time. Third, estimated 4 lakh visitors.

I googled around and found this insect exhibition in gkvk.(university of agricultural sciences). It was a free exhibition.

The exhibition had live silkworm, praying mantle, and few other insects. Among the specimens, cicadas, beetles and butterflies dominated the show. They had paintings of a late professor, stamps with insects and more interestingly a dengue corner.

That showed how eggs of dengue mosquito become larvae, pupa and finally mosquito.  The entymology club members were at every display and explained to visitors in great detail. I loved the show, and so did kids.

We had a club member approach us at the entrance who escorted us until we got scolded for stopping the exhibition.

Overall, fantastic experience. Some clicks –

Short Film Review : BulBul

I glanced through the Jio Short Film Film fare awards list.  And wanted to watch them ALL – as usual, thanks to my obsessive nature. Starting with comedy first,  I picked up this 25 minute short film.

Starring Divya Khosla Kumar, Shiv Pandit( of Untag web series) and Elli AvrRam, this short film is released on Dec 6th 2017, and has gathered quite impressive comments below the film.  It shows quite musically, how crazy unrequited love can turn a person.  It’s even funny when it’s a girl.

Watch it for the endearing expressions, fantastic music and much-realistic ending.

Rating – 10/10

Old School or Old Already?

I got a whatsapp from my otherwise very busy husband mid day.

“How’s the bike?  If you can’t drive – you should take cab for the next few days”.

I smiled. My bike fell and got few bruises on the way to work that morning. He was always the one to worry – about things small and big, between both of us. I responded – “Choo Chweet” followed by few smileys of hugs and kisses.  Or I thought I should. Instead, all I said was – “Bike looks manageable, let’s see”.

I could not get myself to send the emojis to convey the exact emotions going on in my mind right now.  In fact, the only emoji I have ever used is the SMILEY.  Not even blushing or winking or anything else.  Ofcourse, my husband is close to me. But, we have never managed to convert our effection digitally.  After this strange realization, I took some time and scrolled over our conversations in the last few months.

Him – “When are you coming home?”

Me – “Feed the kids, I will be late”

Him – “Ok”

Can you see love in this?  No smileys and no expressions.  However, he never asks how late i will be, or what meetings he has so he cannot feed the kids. I looked back to emails few years ago – same. Regular mundane stuff, not a letter more. I guess no matter what the external appearances reveal – some things remain old school, and never migrate digital.  And I’m glad it didn’t.